We’re Glad You Stopped By

A twenty dollar bill with Mr. Jackson thinking out loud.

Chances are that you stopped by because of a twenty dollar bill in a little brown envelope.

If someone gave one to you, there really are no strings attached.  It was simply a gift.  No pyramid scheme.  No sneaky sales pitch.  We hope you use your twenty to buy a pizza, order a CD, help pay a bill, or that you pass it along to someone who might need it more than you.  It is your call… completely.  Have fun.

Of course, if you want to share what you did with your twenty or give a shout out to the person who left it, click on the I GOT ONE link at the top of the page.

Or maybe you stopped by because you had the fun of passing an Unexpected 20 on to someone else.  If you did, and want to note where, you can do that up at the top of the page as well.

A third reason you might be here is to find out what is going on and how to join in.  HUH? will tell you more about the idea and I WANT TO GIVE ONE will let you request some envelopes of your own to share.

Whatever the reason you came, we are glad you did.  The world is a better place because of unexpected generosity.